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Road and Land Development Construction

We have come to learn a lot from building our first land development project on Santo.

By helping you to design your perfect land development, we can cater to all of your requirements. 

Backfills, Work yards, Parking Construction, Earthworks, Utilities, Driveways and more

We have been building small driveways and residential car parks to large commercial backfills and storage facilities. With our wide range of equipment available, we can satisfy all of your requirements. 

Equipment Hire

We offer a wide range of equipment for hire depending on the job situation. Carting, excavating, compacting and loading, etc... Contact us with your requirements. 



  • Excavators: Hyundai R15.5 (1.5ton), Hyundai R55.7 (6ton), CAT 307 (8ton), Hyundai R210.7 (22ton) 

  • Dump Trucks: Daewoo Novus x 2 (12m3),  Hyundai HD 72 (3m3), CDW (4m3)

  • Rollers: Dynapac CC10 (2.6ton Double Smooth Drum), Sakai SV200 (Self propelled smooth drum, Pad foot shell attachement)

  • Loader: Komatsu WA150-1

  • And more with various attachments

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